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Drama is in Your Head
Edith Karlson

Compiled by Evelyn Raudsepp
Texts by Eero Epner, Denis Maksimov

The 320-page English language publication Drama is in Your Head is Karlson’s first monograph. It provides an overview of 22 projects by Karlson accompanied by extensive photographic documentation, as well as two essays by Eero Epner and Denis Maksimov.

Karlson’s art strives towards the cognitive, reconquers tactility and palpability, presses through the physical presence of the vacuum of meanings, towards sculptural embodiment and everything that can be sensed, felt and touched. /–/ Karlson does not work with sculpture haphazardly but with a deep conviction. This art form, closest to the body, offers hope (or at least the illusion of hope) that there is a place we can return to and there are still things we can sense.
– Eero Epner, quote from the book

Through artistic irony, Edith Karlson’s practice helps us save and justify the hope so essential for going on with a broad smile in the obscurity and randomness of existence.
– Denis Maksimov, quote from the book

230  × 170 mm
320 pp
Offset printing
In English
Graphic design: Indrek Sirkel
Image editing: Indrek Sirkel
Typeface: Adobe Garamond Pro
Paper: Arctic Volume White 115g, Cyclus print 90g, Munken Pure 100g, Arctic Silk 100g, Munken Kristall Rough 100g, Multiart Silk 100g, Munken Premium Cream 80g, Scandia 2000 White 115g, Munken Lynx 80g, Munken Print White 90g, Umka Color 350g
Printed by Tallinn Book Printers
Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Translated by Keiu Krikmann (EST to ENG)
25 EUR
Edition of 400
Published by Lugemik & Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM)
ISBN 978-9949-7381-7-5